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We are KEST. Equipped For Every Good Work 2Timothy 3:17


KEST has a holistic curriculum and instructional philosophy which places equal emphasis on academic excellence and practical life application and experience. The following are some of the highlights why one should join our excellent community:
  • Personal Growth
KEST training integrates faith and life, theory and practice; and holistic education that informs heads, hearts and hands. 
  • Dedicated Service
Our school has a dedicated team that is ready to answer your questions and assist you in the inquiry about our program and the application process. 
  • Study Environment
KEST provides ample space and an environment which is conducive for all its programs. Students also have access to chapel and recreational services.
  • Dynamic Library
KEST has one of the largest and dynamic theological libraries in Uganda. It is open to both KEST students, and other Christian leaders and researchers.
  • Practical Programs
KEST offers skills-focused programmes aimed at preparing men and women for transformational leadership and service, in the contemporary African church and society.
  • Academic Staff
The KEST faculty comprises men and women who have dedicated themselves to equip people for effective leadership in church and society.
  • Christian Worldview
KEST is committed to a Christian Worldview—that is, view of life and an understanding of the human vocation that is based upon and governed by what Scriptures reveal about the whole of reality (physical, non-physical, and human).
  • Strategic Location
We are located in the heart of Kampala city, neighbouring some of the key national institutions such as Makerere University, the Law Development Centre. We are 5 minutes’ drive from the city centre.

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