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We are KEST. Equipped For Every Good Work 2Timothy 3:17

  • We are Evangelical

    We are Evangelical

    Committed to Scripture, and the defence and growth of historic, biblical Christianity, as set out in the Lausanne Covenant of 1974
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  • Non Denominational

    Non Denominational

    We are committed to serve a broad-based evangelical constituency through partnership with evangelical churches and organizations, and other organizations with similar values.
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  • Discover African Realities

    Discover African Realities

    We are committed to contextualising the gospel and biblical truths to African realities.
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  • Integration & Holism

    Integration & Holism

    We are committed to integrating faith and life, theory and practice; and to holistic education that informs heads, hearts and hands (practical skills).

For cultivation and nurture of genuine biblical spirituality

Our Vision

Our mission

We envision a church that is Christ-like in its character, work and witness, and a society that is influenced by the values of the gospel.

Our mission

Our mission

Our mission is to prepare and equip men and women for effective ministry and service in Church and in Society.

Our Core Values

Our vision

In the quest to realize this vision, KEST purposes to develop a culture and ethos that is shaped by and reflects the following core values:

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Our school goals

Our Goals

Academic Integration

A holistic curriculum and instructional philosophy which places equal emphasis on academic excellence and practical life application and experience.


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